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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
  Is Anyone Listening?
I'm prolly gonna let this die on the vine. 
Monday, June 07, 2004
  Subject: Democratic Convention Schedule
Subject: Democratic Convention Schedule
6:00PM: Opening Screech by Howard Dean
6:30PM: Honorary Tax Raising
6:35PM: Burning of US Flag
6:45PM: Salute to the Coalition of the Willing to Toss Someone Else's Medals
6:46PM: Seminar#1: "Taking Both Sides - Committing to None"
7:30PM: First Non-Inhalation of Medicinal-Use Fatties
7:35PM: Serve French Wine and Pastries
7:40PM: PITA Address #1: "Not On My Plate, You Bastards!"
8:00PM: Vote on which country to apologize/subsidize next.
8:10PM: Call EMT's to detox Ted Kennedy
8:30PM: Round table discussion on reproductive rights (UGLY GAY WOMEN ONLY)
8:50PM: Seminar #2: "Communism isn't dead, it just needs government aid"
9:05PM: Second Non-Inhalation of Medicinal-Use Fatties
9:10PM: PITA Address #2: "The Poor Will Just Have to Find Something Else To Eat And Wear"
9:30PM: Break for ritual 'Bush is a Monkey' Chant
10:00PM: Second Screech by Al 'How did I get so damn marginallized?' Gore
10:15PM: Al Frankin Lecture: "How to Fail in Radio"
10:30PM: Michael Moore demonstration: "How to Stuff 18 hot dogs in your mouth and still talk shit"
10:35PM: Ted Kennedy demonstration of trademark "Drunk in Headlights" Stare
10:40PM: John Kerry demonstration: "Waffles - Euro Style"
10:45PM: Mandatory blocking of all non-communist-sympathizing judicial nominees
10:46PM: Third Non-Inhalation of Medicinal-Use Fatties
10:50PM: Seminar #3: "Education: It's really broken, so let's dump in a few extra trillion to teach undocumented visitors in their native language"
11:10PM: John Kerry to Refuse Nomination
11:11PM: John Kerry to Accept Nomination
11:12PM: John Kerry to Refuse to Accept That He Ever Refused to Accept Anything, Anywhe... I was in Vietnam!!
11:20PM: John Kerry's 2nd Lecture: "I hate waffles"
11:30PM: Restock bar for Ted Kennedy's second round
11:35PM: Blame Bush for supernova in star cluster NGC-1059
11:40PM: John Kerry serves waffles
11:50PM: Closing Screech by Hillary Clinton
12:00AM: Nomination of George W Bush as 'The Beast'