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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
  I was gonna post some 'WMD Found' Links...

But there are NONE! Not one major US media outlet has this story on the front page - not even FOX

WTF?!?! Do we have to have Iraqis in a naked pyramid holding WMD for this to be a story?

What would it take for the world to say "Oh! that WMD..."

In order for it to be a 'smoking gun'... 1. It must be in a large warehouse, the warehouse clearly marked as 'WMD Storage Facility' in Arabic, French, Russian, German, and English. 2. There must be at least 6000 neatly stacked munitions clearly labeled as 'WMD' in Arabic, French, Russian, German, and English. 3. Saddam must make an appearence on Late Night with David Letterman, admitting ownership of the 'alleged' WMD. He must also state, for the record, that France, Germany, and Russia had nothing to do with it. In addition, he must sing a duet with Paul Shaffer, 'Just the Two Of Us'. 4. The 'alleged' corpes of at least 30,000 US servicemen and women must be shipped to Tehran for independant confirmation of potential WMD exposure. The Iranians will have 10-15 years to publish their results. 5. Ted Kennedy must set his beer down long enough to read the Iranian report. 6. The UN must admit that they are incompetent boobs, and really wanted Saddam to win so the French could afford to finish construction on their new elderly-free beach homes. 7. Monkeys must fly out of the butts of the following people; Kofi Annan, Chirac & Putin, Tiny Tim, Capt. Kangaroo, and the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir of 1978. ------ Only when these seven conditions are met will the UN consider forming a review panel to discuss the viability of drafting a Security Council brief, and the brief must br drafted by someone related to Kofi Annan. ------ Don't hold your breath, unless it is WMD - then holding our breath might not be such a bad idea.
Monday, May 17, 2004
  Homicide Bomber Kills IGC President
"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A suicide car bomber has killed the head of Iraq's Governing Council, a major new blow to U.S.-led occupiers battling a Shi'ite insurgency and a growing prisoner abuse scandal as they prepare to hand over sovereignty."
And a few hours later, a new Prez takes his place - and life goes on. Witness the awesome power of democracy!! 
  BBC NEWS | Middle East | 'Sarin bomb' reopens Iraq WMD debate

I'd say that pretty much closes the debate. Of course, someone has to come along and say "Well, they didn't know what they had - so this doesn't count.".