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Friday, April 23, 2004
  Imagine #69
Allah Is In The House One of Allah's funniest 'Shops! 
  Oil For Food Scandal: The Root Cause for French/Russian/German Resistance to the Invasion of Iraq?
All the pieces are falling together. Get ready for a shit-storm. - Top Stories - Ex-NFL Star Tillman Killed in Afghanistan - Top Stories - Ex-NFL Star Tillman Killed in Afghanistan A true American patriot. rest in peace. ARE YOU LISTENING, BIN LADEN? WE'VE GOT ABOUT 20 MILLION MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM... 
Thursday, April 22, 2004
  The US should invade Sweden next!
"According to the Czech Republic news agency, CTK, Czech police seized "hundreds of tons of imported, military-grade plastic explosives and detained two men on weapon-trafficking charges on March 10." The police, no doubt sensitive to protocol, failed to identify the country from which the shipments originated but a Czech newspaper spilled the beans: The country is Sweden and the shipment was 328 tons of explosives. 328 tons! Might have blown up all of Madrid for all I know."

Iran fast becoming one of Sweden's largest export markets: report
"Swedish companies, led by truckmaker Volvo, have nearly doubled their exports to Iran, which is fast moving up the list of the Scandinavian country's largest export markets, a report said. Over the past nine months, Swedish sales to Iran have climbed by 88 percent, as exporters ignored United States embargo calls against Iran, which is on Washington's "axis of evil" list, the TT news agency reported."

Iran, Sweden to promote trade ties
"Swedish Consul in Tehran Soren Lundvall on Tuesday encouraged Iranian tradesmen and industrialists to visit Sweden and attempt to present their products on its markets, IRNA reported from Tehran. "

Pakistan knew about nuclear black market: diplomats
"Several teams of Syrian experts spent time at Ranstad Mineral, a Swedish plant that extracted uranium for enrichment between 1997 and 2002. The IAEA confirmed sponsoring some visits, as part of Syria's small-scale peaceful nuclear program. But Bengt Lillja, owner of the plant, said the Syrians paid several visits later on their own — and still later, Sweden's nuclear watchdog agency ordered the plant shut down because of unspecified irregularities in the extraction process."

Swedish uranium may be missing
"Large amounts of uranium may have gone missing from a nuclear technology company in Sweden. The American Central Intelligence Agency fears a worst-case scenario where the material has already fallen into terrorist hands, newspaper Expressen reports." 
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
  Kerry vs. Woodward:
Who's telling the truth? The guy who wrote the book, or the guy who hasn't read the book.

"If . . . it is true that gas supplies and prices in America are tied to the American election, tied to a secret White House deal, that is outrageous and unacceptable to the American people," Kerry said during a campaign stop in Florida. "If this sounds wrong to you, that's because it is fundamentally wrong."

"But Woodward explained yesterday that he never said there was any secret deal. And he never said the Saudis' plans were explicitly linked to an effort to reelect Bush. "

Either Kerry is a liar, or he is an idiot for allowing a liar to put the lies in his mouth. Sure, he said "if" - giving himself a trap door. I've never seen a politician who had to work so hard to contradict himself.

UPDATE: I guess this was the bombshell 'ol Bob couldn't drop, as noted in my previous article. UPDATE: Bandar vs. Woodward: Prince Bandar called in to the Larry King interview to support Woodward's assertation that there was no secret oil deal. But he refuted Woodwards claim of a pre-9/11 conspiracy to invade Iraq. Woodward didn't much care for that, basicly calling him a liar after Bandar had hung up. So Bob - perhaps you need to go back and listen to your tape again. LARRY KING TRANSCRIPT UPDATE: Nor vs. Woodward: Yet another American concealing 'secrets' vital to the interests of the American people until it is financially advantageous for them to do so. Check out my previous article for a little context. When someone with no financial stake 'blows the whistle' - I'll pay attention. The rest of these jerks are profiteering WHORES masquerading as 'liberals.... UPDATE: Woodward vs. Woodward: LOL - Dude is already backtracking from his own comments. He musta enrolled at the Kerry School of Plausable Deniability (where taking things out of context IS the context!). UPDATE: Pottery Barn vs. Woodward: Heh... Apparently SOME of his new book is fabricated..... UPDATE: Powell vs. Woodward Has he gotten anything right? Oh, yeah - He got the 'It's OK to fabricate charges against the President of the United States as long as There is Profit Involved' thing exactly right. UPDATE: Rice vs. Woodward It just goes on and on and on... 
Sunday, April 18, 2004
  Mixed a cool band today...
The Caribbean Cruisers. Played Calypso - really well. This 'World Music Series' being hosted by the Phoenix Zoo has really exposed me to a TON of cool music I might never have heard (there is music other than prog-metal and classical?), and introduced me to a lot of musicians I might otherwise not have met. It seems to be having an effect on my writing. The 'heavy' projects have been shelved, with blues. Latin, and jazz stuff bubbling up. Trippy. >>They don't seem to have a web site, or I'd link it. 
  Why the #$%& do I care about politics?
I haven't always been a news junkie. Before 9/11, I didn't give a rats-ass about anything beyond my family, my friends, and my music. Now I spend countless hours searching, reading, writing, orating, discussing, and debating politics. How did this happen?