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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
  Anyone else watch the 9/11 hearings on Thursday?
I watched to see if it was going to be the witch hunt I feared it would be [I had the day off.. ;)]. I was suprised by the (mostly) professional and (mostly) non-partisan manner with which the commission members handled themselves. I was suprised with the care taken by (most) of the witnesses to not point fingers at the pervious/current administration(s). The lone exception being Albright who, as expected, whined about the Bush administration not continuing some of the Clinton Administration's diplomatic policies. I was PISSED when she revealed that the policies to which she referred were NOT about terrorism, peace in Palestine, France, Iraq, Afghanistan, or gay unions. She was hurt because we wont buy off North Korea anymore. North Korea? WTF? That's her issue? ARRRGGHH! For the record, I believe it's safe to say that not only did prior diplomatic efforts fail - but they failed in spectacular fasion. NK is still a shithole that is about as close to a living hell as you will find anywhere on this planet. Shame on Bush for not taking her feelings into account...