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Friday, July 23, 2004
  This blog is done.
Not enough time. Later.  
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
  Is Anyone Listening?
I'm prolly gonna let this die on the vine. 
Monday, June 07, 2004
  Subject: Democratic Convention Schedule
Subject: Democratic Convention Schedule
6:00PM: Opening Screech by Howard Dean
6:30PM: Honorary Tax Raising
6:35PM: Burning of US Flag
6:45PM: Salute to the Coalition of the Willing to Toss Someone Else's Medals
6:46PM: Seminar#1: "Taking Both Sides - Committing to None"
7:30PM: First Non-Inhalation of Medicinal-Use Fatties
7:35PM: Serve French Wine and Pastries
7:40PM: PITA Address #1: "Not On My Plate, You Bastards!"
8:00PM: Vote on which country to apologize/subsidize next.
8:10PM: Call EMT's to detox Ted Kennedy
8:30PM: Round table discussion on reproductive rights (UGLY GAY WOMEN ONLY)
8:50PM: Seminar #2: "Communism isn't dead, it just needs government aid"
9:05PM: Second Non-Inhalation of Medicinal-Use Fatties
9:10PM: PITA Address #2: "The Poor Will Just Have to Find Something Else To Eat And Wear"
9:30PM: Break for ritual 'Bush is a Monkey' Chant
10:00PM: Second Screech by Al 'How did I get so damn marginallized?' Gore
10:15PM: Al Frankin Lecture: "How to Fail in Radio"
10:30PM: Michael Moore demonstration: "How to Stuff 18 hot dogs in your mouth and still talk shit"
10:35PM: Ted Kennedy demonstration of trademark "Drunk in Headlights" Stare
10:40PM: John Kerry demonstration: "Waffles - Euro Style"
10:45PM: Mandatory blocking of all non-communist-sympathizing judicial nominees
10:46PM: Third Non-Inhalation of Medicinal-Use Fatties
10:50PM: Seminar #3: "Education: It's really broken, so let's dump in a few extra trillion to teach undocumented visitors in their native language"
11:10PM: John Kerry to Refuse Nomination
11:11PM: John Kerry to Accept Nomination
11:12PM: John Kerry to Refuse to Accept That He Ever Refused to Accept Anything, Anywhe... I was in Vietnam!!
11:20PM: John Kerry's 2nd Lecture: "I hate waffles"
11:30PM: Restock bar for Ted Kennedy's second round
11:35PM: Blame Bush for supernova in star cluster NGC-1059
11:40PM: John Kerry serves waffles
11:50PM: Closing Screech by Hillary Clinton
12:00AM: Nomination of George W Bush as 'The Beast'